Saturn In Pisces 2023-2026 – Heaven Is A Place On Earth

Saturn enters Pisces on March 7th, 2023. This is one of the most important transits of the year. Saturn only changes signs once every 2.5 years!

In Pisces, Saturn will join forces with Neptune, helping us turn those Neptunian dreams into realities.

Saturn and Neptune will not meet in a conjunction, but by sharing the sign, they will get to know each other better, and agree on a common approach. When Saturn and Neptune will eventually meet at 0° Aries a few years later, they will be creating a completely new reality.

In the last 5 years, Saturn has been “at home” in Capricorn and Aquarius, working hard to build new structures (Capricron) and a new society (Aquarius).

Saturn in Pisces has a completely different vibe! Pisces’ agenda is not to build, or manifest. Pisces is a water sign that is associated with intuition, spirituality, and sensitivity.

Saturn Vs. Pisces

Pisces and Saturn are VERY different. Saturn is structured, planned and goal-oriented. Pisces is fluid, all-encompassing, and goes with the flow… or with the tide.

To Pisces, there’s no “one way” to go about things. Life is a journey, not a destination. Rules are meant to be bent.

Is not that Pisces cannot follow rules; but there’s much more flexibility and “work-aroundness”. Pisces is highly perceptive and sensitive to the environment, and the first to notice when the tide changes.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. It has seen it all, done it all. Pisces is not so interested in worldly achievements, but in a deeper sense of meaning.

In the last 5 years we’ve worked hard. We’ve built some great stuff that we couldn’t have built without Saturn’s determination in its home signs. Now what? What do these achievements actually mean?

In Pisces, Saturn is no longer concerned with climbing the ladder, but with finding a deeper sense of meaning. Pisces is where we connect with the divine.

In Pisces, the only structure Saturn is interested in building is a stairway to heaven.

Everything in life is a little bit of history repeating. To get a feel for what to expect from Saturn in Pisces in the next 3 years, let’s go back in time to see what happened when Saturn was in Pisces.

Saturn is in the same sign every 29-30 years, so the last time Saturn was in Pisces from 1993 to 1996 and from 1964 to 1967.

Saturn in Pisces 1964-1967

The Civil Rights Act of 1964: In July 1964, the Civil Rights Act, which banned racial discrimination in employment, education, and public accommodations was signed. Pisces is a compassionate, inclusive energy, and Saturn made inclusiveness (Pisces) lawful.

The Vietnam War: the war began in the early 1960s, and escalated during Saturn in Pisces. This period was marked by protests and anti-war activism in the United States and around the world.

Beatlemania: The Beatles rose to international fame, and their popularity was at its peak. Among the displays of deity-like worship, fans would approach the band in the belief that they possessed supernatural healing powers.

In 1966, John Lennon controversially remarked that the group had become “more popular than Jesus”. There are many ways to reach the divine, and music is one tool – especially when Saturn is in Pisces.

Chinese Cultural Revolution: In April 1966, Mao, the founder of the People’s Republic of China, launched the Cultural Revolution, a campaign aimed at purging capitalist and traditional elements from Chinese society. A law (Saturn) that alters culture (Pisces) is another great example of the workings of Saturn in Pisces.

Miranda warning: In June 1966, Arizona Supreme Court ruling established the Miranda warning, a legal requirement that police must inform criminal suspects of their constitutional rights before questioning them. “You have the right to remain silent” is a very evocative metaphor for Saturn in Pisces.

Saturn in Pisces 1993-1996

Nelson Mandela: In May 1994, Nelson Mandela is inaugurated as the first black president of South Africa.

Grunge music: In the mid-1990s, the Grunge music movement, which originated in Seattle, became increasingly popular. Bands like Nirvana gained widespread fame and influenced a generation of musicians. Just like with Beatlemania, Saturn in Pisces are times when musicians and artists get cult-like followings.

Amazon: In July 1994,, the world’s largest online retailer, was founded. Amazon is a metaphor for the Piscean oceans; you can find everything on Amazon, while Saturn brought the infrastructure (marketplace, logistics, etc.)

WTO: In January 1995, the first World Trade Organization (WTO) was founded. Trade, and especially global trade, is very Piscean (the first traders were seafarers). And once again, Saturn came to formalize these commercial exchanges.

MP3: In July 1995, the MP3 audio format was introduced, revolutionizing digital music. We have music “Pisces” finding new forms of expressions and delivery (Saturn).

Windows: In August 1995, Windows 95, Microsoft’s groundbreaking operating system, was released. Software is a Piscean theme, and Saturn came with the structure. “Windows” is a metaphor for Saturn’s framework, as well as for Pisces’ vastness and endless possibilities.

Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026

Saturn makes things real, so when in Pisces, Saturn will try to give spirituality a container of concrete expression.

People all over the world – even people who are not necessarily the “woo woo” type, can become more interested in spiritual practices like meditation, music, prayer, yoga – and exploring their connection to the divine.

Saturn in Pisces will encourage artistic expression. Pisces is the artist of the zodiac; Saturn will invite us to materialize our creative drive.

If you’ve always dreamed about picking up painting or music, when Saturn is in Pisces, it’s time to do something concrete about it: buy a watercolor set, get music lessons, or enroll in a pottery workshop.

Saturn is also a great time to go on retreats, travel to far away places, and learn about different spiritual practices.

Saturn in Pisces – Heaven On Earth

Pisces is represented by 2 fish swimming in different directions, but tied together with an umbilical cord. This is a symbol for the gestation phase when we are with one foot in 3D, ready to emerge, and with another foot in 5D, in the peaceful, self-sufficient space where no action is needed.

Pisces has a foot in two worlds. Pisces still remembers – and longs for – the paradise lost, represented by the safe space in our mother’s womb.

The 3D material reality is completely different. We are no longer plugged into support. We need to survive, work hard, and look after ourselves. But we still long for 5D.

In the 3D reality, we connect with that 5D space where we’ve come from by falling in love, listening to music, immersing ourselves in art, or engaging in spiritual practices. Addictions and substance abuse are other ways to disconnect from reality and “get lost” in the Piscean ocean of oneness.

What about Saturn? Saturn’s modus operandi is building and manifesting. Saturn’s goal is to make things real. When in Pisces, Saturn will try to bring heaven here on earth.

Of course, it’s not all sunshine and roses. There’s an intrinsic contradiction between Pisces and Saturn. Saturn is dry and solid. Pisces is wet and fluid. Saturn is not in his element in Pisces.

Saturn is a “what you see is what you get” type of energy. With Saturn, we know where we stand. When Saturn enters Pisces, we may no longer know where we stand.

With Saturn in Pisces, we may struggle to reconcile our practical and spiritual needs. Our attempts to “meditate more” or “do more yoga” in the hope that it’s structure and hard work (Saturn) that will help us find enlightenment (Pisces) may leave us drained, confused and disillusioned.

But every transit is an opportunity. Pisces can learn a great deal from Saturn’s hands-on, “what you see is what you get” approach. And Pisces can help Saturn loosen up a bit.

If we approach Pisces in a goal-oriented, practical Saturnian fashion “I’ll meditate 2 hours for 3 months to heal my anxiety” we may not get anywhere.

But if we’re humble, if, from a place of not knowing we apply Saturn’s discipline and commitment like an apprentice – not like a master – then we might end up getting a taste of paradise.

When Saturn is in Pisces, the end goal is not the point. It’s the act of surrendering to the unknown that will guide us to places we’ve never been before.

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