Graduate training powers offshore renewables sector

A doctoral training centre in wind and marine energy aims to equip PhD students with the skills and knowledge needed to drive continuing expansion in the offshore renewables industry
Into the sea: major investments in the UK's offshore energy infrastructure, such as this wind farm off the coast at Redcar, North Yorkshire, is driving demand for scientists and engineers with the specialist skills needed to design, build and ope..

It’s all about the money. Why seemingly great technological solutions can sometimes fail

Why do some technologies succeed and others fail? Sometimes it’s all down to economics, says James McKenzie
The right stuff Flat-panel solar cells are not as efficient as solar concentrator photovoltaics (CPVs) but they have won out by being cheap, easy to maintain and having lots of applications. (Courtesy: Shutterstock/ingehogenbijl)When I was younger, I used to believe that science alone could solve any technological challenge ..

Designing materials and systems for decarbonizing chemicals and water industries

Join the audience for a live webinar at 5 p.m. GMT/1 p.m. EDT on 15 March 2023 exploring developing systems using renewable electricity molecules for fuel, energy storers or chemicals
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Storing cheap renewable electricity into chemical bonds (such as chemical energy storage) could be a transformative opportunity for long-duration energy storage that can address the intermittency of renewables and balance the mismatch betw..

New approach retrains deep neural networks to deal with changes in complex systems

Deep learning: this figure illustrates the substantial differences in the scale of features the model is shown during training (top) and the features it learns to recognize (bottom) to make its predictions. (Courtesy: P Hassanzadeh/Rice University)A systematic approach to retraining deep-learning artificial intelligence algorithms to deal with different situations has been developed has been developed by climate researchers in the US. The team found that, contrary to conventional wisdom, retrain..

Why you should concentrate on this form of solar power

James McKenzie believes that “concentrator solar power” could be the answer to our environmental woes
Field of dreams The Ivanpah Solar Power Facility in Nevada uses thousands of mirrors to focus sunlight onto a tank of water at the top of a tower, with the resulting steam being used to drive turbines. (Courtesy: BrightSource Energy)Modern solar cells are so good at converting sunlight into electricity that today’s flat-panel phot..