Isro’s LVM-3 to launch second fleet of 36 satellites Sunday, completing OneWeb constellation

The satellites have already been integrated and the rocket is in place at the launch pad ahead of Sunday’s launch. In its second commercial launch, India’s heaviest launch vehicle LVM-3…

Microsoft makes Outlook free to use for Mac

You now have another major alternative to the built-in Mail app on your Mac. Microsoft has made Outlook for Mac free to use. You previously needed either a Microsoft 365 subscription or an Office purchase to use the email client. It's available now through the Mac App Store.
Microsoft unsurprisingly pitches this as a good complement to Outlook for iOS. You can hand off an email draft to your iPhone if you haven't finished writing it on your Mac, for instance. An upcoming Profiles featu..

Honda’s latest autonomous robot is designed to move things around construction sites

Honda is known for both vehicles and robots, and over the last few years it has tried combining those two things with the Autonomous Work Vehicle (AWV). It just unveiled a new 3rd-generation version designed to transport up to two palettes worth of goods around worksites with no human assistance. This time, though, Honda is keen to find companies willing to try it out.
The AWV has evolved from what was basically an ATV with the top chopped off, to a glorified autonomous electric wagon to the cu..

Japan’s H3 rocket self-destructs in space during failed launch

JAXA's second attempt at launching the H3 rocket has ended up becoming a major setback for Japan's space ambitions. While the rocket was able to leave the launch pad, the country's space authorities were forced to activate its flight termination system a few minutes later after its second stage engine failed to ignite. In an announcement, JAXA said the self-destruct command was transmitted to the rocket at 10:52 AM Japan time (8:52PM ET) “because there was no possibility of achiev..

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ release on PS4 and Xbox One delayed again until May 5th

Hogwarts Legacy won't be making its way to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One until May 5th, so you'll have two more months of waiting to do if you have an older console. That is, if Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software don't push back its release date yet again. They had postponed the game's launch several times over the past few years, and they were supposed to release it for all consoles on February 10th. Less than a couple of months before that, though, they revealed tha..