Just an Appreciation Post of Melissa Barrera and Paco Zazueta’s Swoon-Worthy Romance

Melissa Barrera is making waves in Hollywood. After starring as Usnavi's love interest, Vanessa, in Lin-Manuel Miranda's "In the Heights" movie, the 32-year-old has continued to shine on screen with roles in "Scream" and the upcoming "Carmen" and "Scream VI" films.

Off screen, though, Barrera is happily married to musician Paco Xavier Zazueta. According to Variety, the couple first met while they were contestants on a Mexican reality musical talent show called "La Academia" in 2011. "Reality TV is like a snake pit," she once told Variety. "[Paco and I] would take turns telling each other we had what it takes to stick it out." Eight years later, Barrera and Zazueta tied the knot, and they've been going strong ever since. From picturesque getaways to nights out on the red carpet and working out together, the two have shared too many sweet moments to count. Keep reading to see them ahead.

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