Full Moon In Virgo – The Exodus

On March 7th, 2023 we have a Full Moon at 16° Virgo.

Every Full Moon is an opportunity to integrate the energy of 2 opposite signs.

At a Full Moon, the Moon and the Sun are opposite each other. Since we are in Pisces season (so the Sun is in Pisces), the Moon can only be in the opposite sign, Virgo.

We can only reach the potential of a sign if we employ the qualities of the opposite sign. We can only birth Pisces qualities through Virgo.

Pisces is the vast ocean of Oneness – that space where we are stripped of our personal identity and become one with everything. Pisces feel their way through the world.

But when things get too “mushy” we need Virgo. Virgo brings order into chaos and comes with practical approaches to help us navigate through the sea of change.

Perhaps you’re familiar with Exodus of the Old Testament, and the Crossing Of The Red Sea led by biblical figure Moses. “Exodus” is a Greek term that literally means “the road out”.

The Egyptian army followed and the Red Sea was ahead, so Moses had to do something. With nothing to lose, he lifted his staff to the skies. Suddenly, the waters miraculously parted.

The Crossing Of The Red Sea is a great metaphor for the ways the universe supports us when we’re committed to walking the path.

Full Moon In Virgo, Saturn In Pisces

Virgo’s solution to our never ending, existential Piscean crisis may be totally out of the box (Full Moon trine Uranus). But it will give us that extra push to move forward (Full Moon square Mars).

Less than one hour after the Full Moon in Virgo, Saturn moves into Pisces.

We know that change is inevitable. We can feel it in the air. A new chapter of our life is about to begin.

The Sabian symbol of the Full Moon in Virgo is “A Volcanic Eruption”.

The Sabian symbol speaks about the importance of releasing the old, before inviting the new.

With Saturn at 29° 59’ Aquarius, minutes away from ingressing into Pisces, the Full Moon in Virgo will remind us that change is an inevitable part of life.

To make space for the new, everything must be released. 100%.

Change is not easy. But real change only happens when we start from a zero state. That’s why sometimes we need something of the magnitude of a volcanic eruption. The old must be burned to ashes. Even if we have no idea yet where we’re headed towards.

“Change” doesn’t necessarily mean you quit your job tomorrow and buy a one-way ticket to the Amazonian jungle. Change is not what we do. What we do is a reaction to change. Change always starts from within.

Sometimes change is an epiphany around why we’ve been stuck in the same old pattern. Other times it’s a moment of clarity: “THIS is what’s actually happening”. And other times it’s a decision “I will no longer walk this path”.

At the Full Moon in Virgo, ask yourself:

“Where is there an inevitable exodus in my life?”

“How do I cross my own metaphorical sea to arrive at my promised land?”.

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